The 3 Verbs, pt2 "To Discover"

If you missed pt1 “To Live”, click here.

I’m the kid who always asked for a metal-detector for his birthday-- sadly, I never got one. I’d see people out on the beach or after baseball games sweeping back and forth, searching for covered treasure, and I wished, so badly, to be them. I’d imagine myself deep in the forest, hot on the trail of some lost fortune -- digging it up -- then relishing in my find of ten (or more) million dollars (tax free, of course).

It was a great dream to have as a kid. (Who knows? Maybe as a senior citizen, I’ll get one for my birthday.)

- - - - -

On March 25, 2012, my job will be to live, discover, & connect inside one of the U.S. states for a year. And to help you understand a little bit more about the nature of this adventure, I’ll be spending this week “Bob Barker-ing” the verbs I’m trying to embody.

The second action is “to discover”.

Let’s just say, I want to become a metaphoric metal-detector, leading others to find that hidden treasure buried deep inside the state. Essentially, I’ll be participating in and encouraging others to enjoy the best the state has to offer.

Whether it be eateries/drinkeries, places of interest, events, cultural activities, the outdoors & wilderness, or the abstract and unusual, I’ll be stomping out the old statement, “there’s nothing to do around here!”

A short list of possible places include: diners, monuments, historical areas, theme parks, weird/haunted/mysterious areas, pubs, artists, town celebrations, holiday outings, concerts, festivals, cultural activities, unique sporting events, stadiums, parks and recreational outfits -- and a whole gamut of places suggested by those who know best -- the locals.

I’m hoping people will take interest in this, which is why I’m opening most of these experiences to a vote, kind of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” (without me being eaten by sewer alligators). I will also be highlighting these places in the weekly blog and through the twenty or more videos uploaded during the year.

- - - - -

Where do you usually find the best things to do in your neck of the woods?

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