The tilted "O" in LOVE

Happy Valentine's Day Here-A-Yearers!

With today being a holiday in which 60% of Americans celebrate, it is only fitting that I post something that has to do with love -- and the first thing to pop into my mind was the LOVE Park sculpture! 

So, I did a some digging and discovered a little-known secret about the well-known icon:

Robert Indiana, the LOVE symbol’s creator, said the reason why the "O" is tilted is because love isn't perfect. (At the time, he was in his fourth marriage.)

I hope your day is one full of love and that you're actively showing love to others too. 

BTW... I'm very thankful for each one of you who takes time to read, enjoy, comment, and participate in the HAY adventure. I love what I do and I love having people to share in the journey.

Valentine's Day cheers!

{FYI--LOVE Park (officially JFK Plaza) in city center Philly is a popular spot for tourists to snap a cool pic. The iconic statue with the curved "O" has been featured in movies, t-shirts, and even on a postage stamp.}

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