Ten crazy awesome facts about Pennsylvania

There are so many awesome crazy facts about Pennsylvania, I figured I better start somewhere. So I submit to you ten beauties to get you through the weekend. Enjoy.

1. A previous mayor in Harrisburg partially bankrupted the city by trying to create the world's largest Wild West museum.

2. Centralia, Pennsylvania has been burning for 50 plus years. (underground coal fire)

3. The state has the highest concentration of Amish.

4. Pennsylvania has the largest rural population among the 50 states.

5. Pennsylvania is home to so many firsts: hospital, zoo, escalators, stock exchange, theatre, covered bridge, pretzel factory, oil well, roller coaster, newspaper, steam engine, library, U.S. Capitol Building, and so many more!

6. Betsy Ross (American flag creator) was the 8th of 17 children, lost two husbands to the war, and was kicked out of her church for marrying the wrong guy.

7. Gravity Hill is a place in Bedford County that allows you to roll up a hill when your vehicle is in neutral.

8. When Wilt Chamberlain scored the record 100 points in a single basketball game it was done at Hersheypark Arena on March 2, 1962.

9. The “Millionaire” is the high school mascot in Williamsport, Pennsylvania (also home to the Little League World Series).

10. There once was a town named “Noodle Doosie”. Enough said.
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