State your love - its time to vote for Here A Year's next location

My time in PA is quickly coming to a close.

As of today, I technically have eleven weeks (or 77 days) until I depart for my next location and adventure. Trust me, it won’t be an easy move as I feel there is still so much to see, learn, and do. Also, I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to all of my new friends and forged bonds...ugh.

But alas, I must start thinking ahead as March 24th will surely sneak up on me -- like the quote says, “luck favors the prepared” {Louis Pasteur paraphrase} -- I need to begin laying the foundation of my next journey thoughtfully and intentionally.

Of course, this means I will be doubling my duties as I am still 100% immersed in the world of Pennsylvania, plus being 100% in preparation mode for what lies ahead. If I do this right, you shouldn’t notice a decrease in blogs, videos, or volunteer hours - but you will start to see the coming project woven into the conversation stream.

To begin, I want you to know that voting will be a little different from last time. I’ve had many (and I mean many) people message me, telling me they can’t wait to vote for my next location. As much as love getting those notes, I must be open and as honest as possible with all of you -- so -- after much research (and lots of good counsel), I’ve decided to change the methodology of voting.

Here’s what I mean:
Voting will begin on Monday, January 7th and will end on Monday, January 21st (9:00pm-EST) - anyone can cast ONE VOTE for a state they would like me to move to for a period of one year - along with this vote, they must tell me what they LOVE about that state (i.e. why I should move there) - then, on Friday, February 1st, I will announce which state I will be moving to based upon its LIST OF LOVE.

It’s not that I don’t trust the populace, I do, but I want to make sure all the states get a fighting chance -- not just the big territories with lots of voices.

So -- what are you waiting for? Start spreading the love! (Click to tweet.)

Head over to to cast your ballot for my next chapter.

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