Sages & Seekers: connecting generations

I ♥ senior citizens.

There, I said it. It’s out, and I can’t take it back. I just simple LOVE them!

Maybe I’ve played too many games of shuffleboard or horseshoes to make a clear judgement on that statement -- or maybe it’s the cookies and brownies that come by the bucket loads from all the grandmas I amassed over my travels -- whatever the reason, all I know, is that I have a lot of fun with those who are often called our elders.

So, when I got the chance to volunteer at the Windy Hill Senior Center in Spring Grove, I jumped at the opportunity!

I was introduced to this organization by a group of senior line-dancers, one Wednesday afternoon, at the local coffee shop. They were a rowdy bunch of ladies whose conversation spilled over to me (they actually got me to blush) while talking and joking about their last dance session. One of the ladies eventually asked me why I was in their small town and I told her about my Pennsylvania adventure.

Once they heard about Here A Year’s mission to connect people to good organizations and charities, they immediately told me about their senior center and its director, Tammy Miller.

And, so, after a few more laughs and another shot of espresso, I promised the ladies I would swing by to see if I could get involved somewhere. I also told them I would make it to one of their line dance classes before the year was up -- this would come back to haunt me (just look at the slideshow above).

I went directly from the cafe to meet with Tammy, and after a short introduction, I asked if there was anything I could do to help out. I was thinking I could teach a computer class, or help serve meals, or whatever -- but it just so happened that she was looking for a person to facilitate a class called, Sages & Seekers.

S&S is a program which brings teenagers (the seekers) together with someone over the age of seventy (the sage) to share life stories with each other, which in turn, help break down age related barriers in the community. It’s an eight week series that met once a week, and ended with an hour-long program where the seekers “show off” their sage to their family and friends.

It didn’t take me long to accept the task as I basically said, “when do we start”? Tammy was thrilled!

- - - - - - -

Now, I don’t usually end a blog in the middle of a story, but I am today.


Well... I kind of already wrote about this event on another blog... and since I’m contracted with them (meaning I can’t repost it after it’s posted on their website), I encourage you to read {in a Paul Harvey voice} “the rest of the story” over at Create The Good’s blog. >> "Connecting through conversations"

BTW...I hope you love senior citizens too! If you do, leave me a comment about how you connect with them in your community.

Monday cheers Here-A-Yearers!

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