Prelude to Here-A-Year

- - - - -
Merrill: So, when you say "go", you mean, just go?
Donald Sinclair: Uh, begin, commence, start moving... theoretically you have been racing for about forty seconds now, and so far Mr. Schaffer is winning because he's nearest to the door.
{Rat Race. Paramount Pictures, 2001. Film.}
- - - - -

No doubt about it, starting is one of the toughest things to do in life. It's easy to dream, plan, and talk about, but it's super difficult to actually begin. I almost think that the Chinese proverb which says "a long journey begins with the first step", fails to mention the journeyer is usually shoved or tripped to start that first step.

I'm no different.

Even though I traveled for an entire year, volunteering in each state, living out of my car, and staying with strangers, one would think it would be easier starting another adventure. But alas, I still get the same knots in my stomach that hold me back from what I know I am suppose to be doing. It seems that once I've decided to put that first step forward, I am met with an equal force pushing me back. Someone doesn't want me to do it, others think it's unwise, my brain wants to sleep in, money is lacking, a contact falls through, family emergencies happen -- resistance finally wins and I settle back into step.

Don't get me wrong, those are all fine excuses, but they are only pretendants holding me back from actually starting.

So I fight back. With all my strength I fight back. I strap up my metaphorical boots and trudge ahead over the next mountain. Practically speaking, I do these:

  1. Set dates. I purposefully set up a short timeline to force me into getting everything done when the launch date comes. There's no time like the present.
  2. Passionately know why? If I'm not convinced then no one else will be. Knowing why and it's companion, desire, need to go hand in hand when starting something. Desire gets me up in the morning and knowing why keeps me going.
  3. Believe in beta. Knowing that what I am doing is ever changing and has the ability to grow and change gives me confidence I will get more than one shot at making it be what it's suppose to be.
  4. Partner with the like-minded. Finding others who love the idea helps during the times of discouragement and disbelief. They cheer, fight, and find support when it's needed most.

March 25, 2012 is coming fast, so raise a glass with me to starting -- and to starting well. Cheers!

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