Pennsylvania's Only President

While many U.S. Presidents have lived in Pennsylvania, only one was born in the Keystone State.

He was the fifteenth President, the last born in the eighteenth century, and was the nation’s only lifelong bachelor Commander In Chief -- James Buchanan -- he is often noted as one of the most ineffective Presidents and is often found on the list of America's’ worst list.

While he was in office, a whole list of historical events happened:

The Dred Scott Case

Chaos in Kansas

Panic of 1857

War Against Utah

Disintegration of the Party

Fort Sumter

Basically, he was a stepping stone that launched Abraham Lincoln into the Presidency and essentially became a cause of the Civil War happening.

A couple of other interesting facts about Buchanan:

In his inaugural address, he announced that he would only be a one term President.

He declined a nomination by President Polk to be a Supreme Court Justice.

For 15 years, he lived with Alabama Senator William Rufus King (later Vice President under Franklin Pierce) sparking allegations of inappropriate relations.

There is a mysterious pyramid monument built over his birthsite in Stony Batter, PA, now a part of a state park.

While President James Buchanan is hardly spoken of today, it’s crucial to remember the men and women who helped shape this country into what it is today.

Happy Election Day!

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