Pennsylvania's Mysterious Statue of Liberty

While winding along the Susquehanna River on Route 322 (from Harrisburg to State College) I had to do a double take.

There, in a stretch of river called the Dauphin Narrows, stands a brilliant white replica of the Statue of Liberty which is anchored to an large stone basin, once used to steady a railroad bridge.

From my vantage point, Lady Liberty looks like someone canoed to the middle of the river, took out their LEGOs and built a miniature version of the iconic statue. Actually, she's 25 feet tall and quite solid as she is anchored to the platform with cables.Picture Credit:

According to Weird Pennsylvania, this is the second replica of the Statue of Liberty to stand here. The first showed up in 1980 to commemorate the centennial of the real one standing between New Jersey and New York in the Hudson Bay. Of course, by the time the 90's came around, the elements caused PA's Statue of Liberty to wash away leaving a gap in the hearts the locals. 

So, Dauphin Borough raised $25,000 to replace the landmark which brought them to the original artist and local lawyer, Gene Stilp, who then enlisted his friends to help him build a more durable replica. This time, it would be built out of fiberglass, metal, and wood and would be securely fastened to its new home on the river. They helicoptered it in and has been standing proudly there ever since. 

For a great video about the mystery of this statue from CBS News, click here.

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