Good grief!

**Now, before I seem like a simpleton, I want you to know that I understand the phrase good grief” is a euphemism for “good god” and isn’t meant to be dissected independent of its original meaning. However, I do find it interesting that the association with god is grief...kind of like saying “why god?” (And don’t fret, I’m not planning on doing a word study in this post. I’ll save my nerdiness for other topics.)**

If you ask me, “good grief” seems like an oxymoron. Throw it in with the living dead, an open secret, and the original copy -- it just doesn’t fit together. Even when it comes from the mouth of an adorable cartoon character like Charlie Brown -- it doesn’t make anymore sense.

I was just thinking about this phrase in light of current events. You see, my beagle, Elli, a companion of 8½ years died yesterday as the respiratory disease she dealt with finally got the best of her. She was a very special dog and is now absent from the lives of many people who cared for her deeply.

Right now, loss equals grief -- and it doesn’t feel good.

But experience has taught me that grief eventually fades. And it doesn’t just fade, it changes into something beautiful. Something full of joy, inspiration, and lasting in spirit.

This metamorphosis happened after my grandpa’s death a few years ago. While dealing with the heavy thoughts and emotions that accompanied the event, I was able to focus like never before on the things that matter most in life.

It focused me on the present.
It convinced me not to waste what I was given.
It strengthened my convictions.
It enabled me to love more.
And It changed my course in life.

So maybe “good grief” isn’t as much an oxymoron as I originally thought. Maybe grief can be good? Or maybe it’s better stated, “good can come from grief”.

Either way, if you’re currently going through a time of hardship or loss, I sympathize with you -- IT SUCKS -- but let me lend you a ray of hope that good may come from grief.

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