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  • Ten crazy awesome facts about Pennsylvania

    There are so many awesome crazy facts about Pennsylvania, I figured I better start somewhere. So I submit to you ten beauties to get you through the weekend. Enjoy.

  • You might be from Pennsylvania if...

    Have you ever been in a conversation that goes something like: Friend: Yo dude! Did you see they’re making Top Gun 2? You: Eh...I never saw the first one.

  • What I think I know about Pennsylvania

    While growing up in Minnesota, with the exception of Disney World, my family only vacationed to the West. We’d cruise across the vast lands taking in the big skies and rugged mountains, we’d go to pioneer ghost towns and walk the cemeteries, we’d bask in the wonder of the natural and man made monuments -- cementing the ideals of the West into my adolescent brain. One of those ideals was to see life as an adventure; to search out the unknown.

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