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  • Discover PA: flying the Pennsylvania skies

    “This is my second midlife crisis”, explained one of the pilots. “I traded in my motorcycle and boat after taking my first ride in one of these [ultralight flyer] planes -- there’s nothing else like the feeling of being free.” A version of this statement was heard from many of the almost one hundred flyers at the 23rd Annual Father’s Day Fly-In. The three-day festival was held south of Dillsburg, PA at the Shreveport North Airport and sponsored by The Mason-Dixon Sports Flyers, celebrating twent...

  • Hitting the ground running! Special Olympics / Superhero Foundation

    Two races. Two terrific organizations. Two very successful fundraisers.

  • Underwater ghost town now a PA playground

    There are one hundred and twenty state parks in Pennsylvania -- all with their own unique stories. Some were created to save historical landmarks, others to preserve the vast forests for which the state inherits its name (Sylvania meaning woods or forest land), while others were to be used for industry and outdoor recreational areas for the public. The latter is the reason for Codorus State Park near Hanover in York County.

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