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  • The tilted "O" in LOVE

    Happy Valentine's Day Here-A-Yearers! With today being a holiday in which 60% of Americans celebrate, it is only fitting that I post something that has to do with love -- and the first thing to pop into my mind was the LOVE Park sculpture!  So, I did a some digging and discovered a little-known secret about the well-known icon: Robert Indiana, the LOVE symbol’s creator, said the reason why the "O" is tilted is because love isn't perfect. (At the time, he was in his fourth marriage.) I hope ...

  • Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore - Mummers Parade

    There are a handful of events that stand out as Pennsylvania originals: The Little League World Series, Groundhog Day, and the New Years Mummers Parade. So... it was only natural for me to show up early on January 1st to get a front-and-center seat for what is traditionally known as America’s oldest folk parade.

  • Longwood Gardens Winter Spectacular

    Located southwest of Philadelphia (almost to Delaware), Longwood Gardens was originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape tribe. After Europeans started to settle the New World, William Penn sold this area to the Quaker family Peirce, who farmed the land until they sold it to be developed and preserved by the du Pont family. Almost a million people go through the gardens in an average year to soak in the 1000+ acres of floral and fauna.

  • 10...9...8... PA's Craziest New Year's Eve Droppings

    On New Year’s Eve, the vast majority of you will either be in New York City watching the ball drop or you’ll be watching the Times Square celebration on television. But why not make this tradition even more fun by dropping a wooden cow from a silo or a replica of the world’s largest ‘shoe house’? Well, in Pennsylvania, you can.

  • Happy Holidays - Pennsylvania Dutch Style

    It’s hard to escape the Pennsylvania Dutch influence during the holiday season as many of the modern day traditions evolved from their traditions. For instance, the central symbol of modern American Christmas’ is a decorated tree. And while the Puritans in Massachusetts were able to ban the actual celebration of Christmas, along with all of the (so called) pagan rituals associated with it, the Pennsylvania Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, and Friends faiths kept their homeland traditions going -- lik...

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Henry Mercer

    From the moment I stepped inside the central atrium of the Mercer Museum, I felt like Alice falling through the rabbit hole and emerging in Wonderland. My senses were overloaded as floor after floor contained an eclectic display of pre-industrial tools, seen from a multitude of vantage points, which made each tier of this castle grander than the next. Simply put -- this place is magical.

  • Pennsylvania's Only President

    While many U.S. Presidents have lived in Pennsylvania, only one was born in the Keystone State. He was the fifteenth President, the last born in the eighteenth century, and was the nation’s only lifelong bachelor Commander In Chief -- James Buchanan -- he is often noted as one of the most ineffective Presidents and is often found on the list of America's’ worst list.

  • Pennsylvania Halfway Point

    I love mountains! So much so, I really should get a bumper sticker that declares my affection for these ancient geographical structures. Mountains are pleasing to look at, fun to explore, and easily inspire adventurers, which is why they do a great job of being a metaphor for many aspects of life -- not to mention being a great way to illustrate the halfway mark on the Pennsylvania, Here A Year project.

  • Hex signs, distelfinks, & unicorns -- Oh my!

    The Irish have four-leaf clovers, the Chinese have tigers, the British have acorns -- every culture seems to have some way of expressing “good luck” -- it’s no different for those who live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, for they have hex signs. Hex signs originated in the 1800’s as a form of folk art where the “fancy” farmers (those who were not of the Amish or Mennonite faiths, i.e. the “plain people”) would paint geometric shapes onto the sides of their barns.  You could also find these s...

  • The Little League World Series reminds us how great baseball is

    It was the bottom of the sixth and Southeast, the team from Goodlettsville, Tennessee, had the the Little League U.S. Championship game in the bag. What happened next made history.

  • The misnaming of Ivyland, Pennsylvania

    There is no shortage of curious sounding town names in Pennsylvania. A person would only need to cross over the Lancaster County line to be surrounded by boroughs and villages, with names like Bird In Hand, Blue Ball, and Intercourse which makes one shake their head in disbelief. Yet, even among the more traditional sounding cities, its naming might not be as straightforward as one might think.

  • There's nothing to do around here!

    Growing up in a small Midwestern town, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people say, “there’s nothing to do around here.” The complaint would then be followed closely by this declaration: “If there was only a new restaurant, a community center, a fishing club, a fill-in-the-blank -- whatever -- then we’d have something to do.” As in most arguments, there’s a little truth and a little error. The truth parts: new buildings, establishments, and programs can produce things to do new buildings, establishmen...

  • Runner or not, volunteer at local races

    My grandpa used to say, "Runners always look like they're in pain.” If you agree with that statement, you probably don't run on a regular basis and you likely stay away from the local races too. But 5K, 10K, and marathon runs are great places to give back to your community; especially when you volunteer. Besides promoting fitness and wellness, many events raise money for either scholarships or local social program.

  • Underwater ghost town now a PA playground

    There are one hundred and twenty state parks in Pennsylvania -- all with their own unique stories. Some were created to save historical landmarks, others to preserve the vast forests for which the state inherits its name (Sylvania meaning woods or forest land), while others were to be used for industry and outdoor recreational areas for the public. The latter is the reason for Codorus State Park near Hanover in York County.

  • Spirit of exploration

    Way back when, my sister and I spotted a rainbow.  Needless to say, we were very excited about the discovery. So we ran to our dad to tell him what we had found.

  • Turnpike at sunset

    I had one of those moments last night while driving the PA Turnpike, from King of Prussia to the Lancaster exit, that makes me love life even more. It was one of those experiences where I was at the right place at the right time -- you can call it an inspirational or transcendent moment -- but whatever happened during that time, it was short-lived and made me want to experience it again. Nope.

  • 20 Pennsylvania Inspired Movies

    “Art imitates life” -- or so the saying goes -- which is why I’m watching twenty classic Pennsylvania inspired movies to teach me a little something about the state. The cinematic journey begins this coming weekend (April 6-8) with a Rocky marathon. After each movie, I’ll be blogging what I learned about the Keystone State through the camera’s lens.

  • Town or Country?

    One of my favorite Aesop’s fables is “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse”. If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a brief recap: The city mouse comes to visit his cousin in the country. Needless to say, the city mouse is not impressed and scoffs at the simple way of life his cousin seemingly enjoys.

  • Everywhere you go, there you are

    “Everywhere you go, there you are.” What do you suppose that means? Take a moment. Go ahead.

  • I {HEART} Roadside Attractions!

    Whether it be the World’s Largest Holstein Cow in New Salem, North Dakota, or the Alien Jerky Store in Baker, California, or whole armies of Paul Bunyan statues scattered across the country -- I’m drawn to these kind of sights like a bug to a porch light. Once, my friend, Macy told me of a magical location outside of Santa Cruz, California called the Mystery Spot. She got me all psyched up about how awesome this place was and about the bizarre pseudo-science experiments that went on inside -- bu...

  • Packing for Pennsylvania: My 100 Items

    If your house was on fire and you could only save three things, what would they be? Fun icebreaker question -- I know. My answer is pretty traditional and boring -- computer, camera, safe box.

  • You might be from Pennsylvania if...

    Have you ever been in a conversation that goes something like: Friend: Yo dude! Did you see they’re making Top Gun 2? You: Eh...I never saw the first one.

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Mr. Rogers

    The most precious commodity in the state of Pennsylvania is not the landscape nor the many attractions, but the people who call this place home. Among the almost thirteen million people, some rise above the rest, and in essence become gods among men. One such individual is the late Fred Rogers...or better know to most as Mr.

  • Good grief!

    **Now, before I seem like a simpleton, I want you to know that I understand the phrase good grief” is a euphemism for “good god” and isn’t meant to be dissected independent of its original meaning. However, I do find it interesting that the association with god is grief...kind of like saying “why god?” (And don’t fret, I’m not planning on doing a word study in this post. I’ll save my nerdiness for other topics.)** If you ask me, “good grief” seems like an oxymoron.

  • The 3 Verbs, pt1 "To Live"

    I love the tavern scene in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, where Tevye and Lazar Wolf are  celebrating the wedding arrangement of Tevye’s daughter Tzeitel. They are so overjoyed that they break out in chorus singing about the good times and the bad, but that in this present moment, they should drink “L’chaim” (to life). In essence, they were saying that life should be celebrated (or at least embraced) no matter the situation.

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