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  • Punxsutawney Phil & the Gobbler's Knob

    When I read the blog title, I think it sounds like a lost book in the Harry Potter series -- LOL! -- you never know... :) I'm in Punxsutawney for the 117th weather prognostication from the world's most famous groundhog, Phil.

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin

    Today is Benjamin Franklin’s 307th birthday. Happy birthday Ben! I figured today would be a great day to add Franklin to my “Gods of Pennsylvania” list -- and if this list were like the pantheon of Greek gods, Franklin would Zeus.

  • Happy Holidays - Pennsylvania Dutch Style

    It’s hard to escape the Pennsylvania Dutch influence during the holiday season as many of the modern day traditions evolved from their traditions. For instance, the central symbol of modern American Christmas’ is a decorated tree. And while the Puritans in Massachusetts were able to ban the actual celebration of Christmas, along with all of the (so called) pagan rituals associated with it, the Pennsylvania Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, and Friends faiths kept their homeland traditions going -- lik...

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Henry Mercer

    From the moment I stepped inside the central atrium of the Mercer Museum, I felt like Alice falling through the rabbit hole and emerging in Wonderland. My senses were overloaded as floor after floor contained an eclectic display of pre-industrial tools, seen from a multitude of vantage points, which made each tier of this castle grander than the next. Simply put -- this place is magical.

  • 8 Pennsylvanians to be thankful for

    There is a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. And as important as it is to be thankful for a job or home or family or lots of food -- there are many people we should be grateful for as well. Many of whom have passed on, but their ability to make our world a better place lives on.

  • Pennsylvania's Only President

    While many U.S. Presidents have lived in Pennsylvania, only one was born in the Keystone State. He was the fifteenth President, the last born in the eighteenth century, and was the nation’s only lifelong bachelor Commander In Chief -- James Buchanan -- he is often noted as one of the most ineffective Presidents and is often found on the list of America's’ worst list.

  • The misnaming of Ivyland, Pennsylvania

    There is no shortage of curious sounding town names in Pennsylvania. A person would only need to cross over the Lancaster County line to be surrounded by boroughs and villages, with names like Bird In Hand, Blue Ball, and Intercourse which makes one shake their head in disbelief. Yet, even among the more traditional sounding cities, its naming might not be as straightforward as one might think.

  • Underwater ghost town now a PA playground

    There are one hundred and twenty state parks in Pennsylvania -- all with their own unique stories. Some were created to save historical landmarks, others to preserve the vast forests for which the state inherits its name (Sylvania meaning woods or forest land), while others were to be used for industry and outdoor recreational areas for the public. The latter is the reason for Codorus State Park near Hanover in York County.

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: William Penn

    “His work keeps pace with his life, and so leaves nothing to be done when he dies.” -William Penn {Maxim #497} I have come to think of William Penn, not just as the founder of Pennsylvania, but as a man worthy of admiration and honor. Here are a handful of reasons why I am convinced this is true: He rejected his father’s faith, but gained his father’s respect. Sir William Penn (William Penn’s father) was a well-respected Admiral in the Royal Navy under Oliver Cromwell, and was a strong supporter...

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