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  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin

    Today is Benjamin Franklin’s 307th birthday. Happy birthday Ben! I figured today would be a great day to add Franklin to my “Gods of Pennsylvania” list -- and if this list were like the pantheon of Greek gods, Franklin would Zeus.

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Henry Mercer

    From the moment I stepped inside the central atrium of the Mercer Museum, I felt like Alice falling through the rabbit hole and emerging in Wonderland. My senses were overloaded as floor after floor contained an eclectic display of pre-industrial tools, seen from a multitude of vantage points, which made each tier of this castle grander than the next. Simply put -- this place is magical.

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Betsy Ross

    On June 14, 1916, during the celebration of the first national Flag Day, President Woodrow Wilson was asked to comment on the story of the flag and its creator, Betsy Ross. His reply... “would that it be true!” Don’t you think that’s a strange response?

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: William Penn

    “His work keeps pace with his life, and so leaves nothing to be done when he dies.” -William Penn {Maxim #497} I have come to think of William Penn, not just as the founder of Pennsylvania, but as a man worthy of admiration and honor. Here are a handful of reasons why I am convinced this is true: He rejected his father’s faith, but gained his father’s respect. Sir William Penn (William Penn’s father) was a well-respected Admiral in the Royal Navy under Oliver Cromwell, and was a strong supporter...

  • Gods of Pennsylvania: Mr. Rogers

    The most precious commodity in the state of Pennsylvania is not the landscape nor the many attractions, but the people who call this place home. Among the almost thirteen million people, some rise above the rest, and in essence become gods among men. One such individual is the late Fred Rogers...or better know to most as Mr.

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