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  • Groundhog Day Giveaway Winners

    Congratulations to Michelle Sneddon and Kim Neely who just won some sweet Groundhog Day **BLING**! I'll be sending out an email this morning to get your addresses. A big thanks to everyone who entered -- don't forget -- there's always new contests around here, so be sure to stay subscribed to the blog.

  • 10...9...8... PA's Craziest New Year's Eve Droppings

    On New Year’s Eve, the vast majority of you will either be in New York City watching the ball drop or you’ll be watching the Times Square celebration on television. But why not make this tradition even more fun by dropping a wooden cow from a silo or a replica of the world’s largest ‘shoe house’? Well, in Pennsylvania, you can.

  • Discover PA: flying the Pennsylvania skies

    “This is my second midlife crisis”, explained one of the pilots. “I traded in my motorcycle and boat after taking my first ride in one of these [ultralight flyer] planes -- there’s nothing else like the feeling of being free.” A version of this statement was heard from many of the almost one hundred flyers at the 23rd Annual Father’s Day Fly-In. The three-day festival was held south of Dillsburg, PA at the Shreveport North Airport and sponsored by The Mason-Dixon Sports Flyers, celebrating twent...

  • Discover PA: Go fly a kite!

    Even with the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms, I made my way over to the Twelfth Annual Fun Fly Kite Festival this past Saturday, hosted by the Markets at Shrewsbury, outside of Glen Rock, PA. It took only a matter of minutes for me to quickly realize how little I knew about kite flying. The evidence -- a black and white, four-stringed, sport kite doing a nose dive into the hillside, handed to me by a professional kiteflier named Lisa -- not to mention my ignorant comment, “why don’t you ...

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