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  • Turnpike at sunset

    I had one of those moments last night while driving the PA Turnpike, from King of Prussia to the Lancaster exit, that makes me love life even more. It was one of those experiences where I was at the right place at the right time -- you can call it an inspirational or transcendent moment -- but whatever happened during that time, it was short-lived and made me want to experience it again.

    Nope. I'm not on drugs. 

    I just have a connection to the road. And with that connection comes a deep appreciation for the ever-changing environment surrounding the journey.

    So I penned a few lines of what I saw. Nothing groundbreaking, just thought I would share. 

    Thursday cheers fellow adventurers!

    Turnpike at sunset,
    So tranquil heading west.
    The curving road,
    Steady rhythm of tires.

    Flashing rays of light,
    Close Encounters remade.
    Covered hills slope,
    with autumn-like maples.

    Exit ahead -- sigh.


  • 20 Pennsylvania Inspired Movies

    “Art imitates life” -- or so the saying goes -- which is why I’m watching twenty classic Pennsylvania inspired movies to teach me a little something about the state. The cinematic journey begins this coming weekend (April 6-8) with a Rocky marathon. After each movie, I’ll be blogging what I learned about the Keystone State through the camera’s lens.

    I’d love for you to watch along with me...so I’ll post the upcoming movie on HAY’s Facebook page the Monday before the showing. So scratch the popcorn... bring on the pretzels and mustard and “close the lights” -- it’s movie time!

    1. Rocky
    2. Slap Shot
    3. Girl Interrupted
    4. Mannequin
    5. Deer Hunter
    6. Gettysburg
    7. The Philadelphia Story
    8. Unbreakable
    9. Wonder Boys
    10. My Girl
    11. Philadelphia
    12. Signs
    13. Houseguest
    14. 1776
    15. Witness
    16. Kingpin
    17. Groundhog Day
    18. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    19. Flashdance
    20. Invincible

    Any chance I missed a PA classic? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Town or Country?

    One of my favorite Aesop’s fables is “The City Mouse and the Country Mouse”.

    If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a brief recap: The city mouse comes to visit his cousin in the country. Needless to say, the city mouse is not impressed and scoffs at the simple way of life his cousin seemingly enjoys. This, in turn, leads the country mouse to go to the city where he is treated to a feast -- only to be interrupted by dogs and has to run for his dear life. The country mouse eventually leaves his cousin to go back to the safety of the countryside. Moral: It’s better to be starved and safe than to be fat and scared.

    The reason I bring this classic tale up is that, in all my travels, there seems to be a slight rift between the county folks and the city dwellers. Both consider themselves to have the advantage over the other.

    I’ve lived in both situations and I’d like to think that I can see both sides of the argument...but the truth of the matter is that I find myself being more comfortable in the country (even if there are roosters crowing at six in the morning outside my bedroom window).

    This doesn’t mean I don’t like city dwellers -- actually, it’s quite the contrary -- but for me, I think it simply comes down to having space to run and play without too many bumping shoulders.

    How about you? Do you consider yourself a “Town Mouse” or “Country Mouse”? Does one have it better than the other?

  • Everywhere you go, there you are

    “Everywhere you go, there you are.”

    What do you suppose that means? Take a moment. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    You got it? Sweet.

    I first heard this proverb while traveling through Oregon. It was a straight piece of advice given to me by a wise man whom I volunteered alongside of at Buford Park. He looked me in the eyes, quoted that statement, and then asked if I understood.

    I hesitated to say yes.

    He then repeated: “Everywhere you go, there you are -- everywhere you go, there you are --”

    (Proverbs seem to work best when there’s an “ah-ha” moment. And that’s what happened. The lights finally came on upstairs.)

    Once he saw that I understood, he continued, saying, “a man has to be sure that he’s not trying to run away from himself; otherwise he’ll just end up miserable wherever he goes.”

    So true and so pointed.

    I remember lying awake, well into the morning, evaluating my current traveling adventure. It took a while, but I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t running away from myself and that my motives were pure.

    Needless to say, I’m not running away this time either. Actually -- I feel as if I’m running toward something.

    Something fun. Something interesting. Something great. It just feels right.

    So why do this?

    Plain and simple:
    For joy.
    To create.
    To help.
    To live.
    For fun.

    I’m not sure there’s more to life than a combination of these, but they do a great job of explaining why I want to do what I’m about to do. You might even say that I have no other choice (it’s that strong of a nudge).

    So on March 25, 2012, I’ll be departing for Pennsylvania (which was chosen by popular vote) to live, discover, and connect.

    So no matter where I go, there I’ll be.

    (And I hope you’ll be there too; in one form or another.)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I’d really enjoy hearing your favorite proverb(s), so would you do me a sweet favor? Leave it in the comment section below. And would you do me a favor...please tell others to check out Here A Year! Cheers!

  • I {HEART} Roadside Attractions!

    Whether it be the World’s Largest Holstein Cow in New Salem, North Dakota, or the Alien Jerky Store in Baker, California, or whole armies of Paul Bunyan statues scattered across the country -- I’m drawn to these kind of sights like a bug to a porch light.

    Once, my friend, Macy told me of a magical location outside of Santa Cruz, California called the Mystery Spot. She got me all psyched up about how awesome this place was and about the bizarre pseudo-science experiments that went on inside -- but when I inquired about the actual “mystery”, she told me she wasn’t allowed to tell. All Macy would say was, “You have to go there if you want to find out.”


    As I get ready to discover and enjoy Pennsylvania, I’m looking for the state’s best “mystery spots” (i.e. one-of-a-kind roadside attractions) -- then I’ll be able to call up my friend, and thereby, torment her with all the mysterious awesomeness these places radiate. {Cue the evil genius laugh machine} Wha-ha-ha-ha!

    So, can you help me out? Are there any must sees?